About AIRC

Promoting the interests of vehicle repairers worldwide

The name AIRC stands for Association Internationale des Réparateurs en Carrosserie. Formed in 1970, the AIRC is the global federation of leading national trade organisations in the area of vehicle repairs. These member organisations together represent more than 50,000 vehicle repair companies in 14 countries.

Main aims

  • To join forces in order to ensure the future of the vehicle repair industry
  • International promotion of vehicle repairs and the vehicle repair industry
  • International economic and political lobbying
  • To promote the international exchange of knowledge and collaboration


Executive Committee.


Mr. H.P. Schneider

General Secretary;

Mr. K. Weichtmann


Mr. P. Böerner

Mr. T.H. Krebs

Mrs. H van der Stichele

Mr. M. Tagg